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Armed Man Posed as PSE&G Worker, Ties Up Orange Resident, Stole Vehicle, Cash, Jewelry from Home


Police in Orange are actively investigating a robbery/ home invasion incident reported by a resident in a section of Orange on Wednesday afternoon.

According to a preliminary investigation, police officials said that at approximately 2:10 p.m., police responded to reports of an armed robbery at an undisclosed address on Austin Road.

Several Orange police officers arrived at the scene and found a 45-year-old male coming from the rear of the home then reported to police that he was the victim of a home invasion robbery before their arrival.

After police officers checked and secured the residence, police say the victim said a thin black male who wore what appeared to be a PSE&G uniform arrived at the home and said he needed access to the house to read the meter.

According to the victim, the alleged worker was allowed in the home and shortly after entering, the suspect produced a gun, announced a robbery then tied the victim up.

The victim reportedly took the suspect to the second floor of the home, where the assailant began to steal cash and jewelry from a bedroom. Police say during the robbery, the suspect also kicked in a door of a second room and stole a safe, reportedly filled with cash and other items.

According to the victim, the suspect repeatedly told him to follow his demands and no one would get injured. The suspect then escorted the victim to the first floor, carrying the safe, and demanded the keys to the victim's black 2011 Lexus.

The victim reported to police that the suspect took the ring of keys but removed the keys to the home at the victim's pleaded request.

According to the victim, the suspect forced him into a bathroom then exited the home, where he sped away from the scene in the vehicle.

It is not clear how much money was inside the safe during the robbery and police said the victim did not suffer any physical injuries during the incident.

The investigation remains active and ongoing.

PSE&G has reminded residents that they should not let workers into their house without confirming their identity.