ALERT: Belleville Police Warn Residents of Water Testing Scam

Belleville Police were made aware of a few incidents in which aggressive sales people knock on our residents doors claiming to either work for the state or the town of Belleville.

Police said in a statement that these sales people may or may not be from legitimate companies but they are certainly not employed by the town or state.

According to police, today, Belleville Police Detectives conducted an operation after a resident alerted police of these tactics.

Police officials say Belleville Detectives were present for the “technician” as officers posed as homeowners.

During the operation, police say the sales lady attempted to tell posing officers that they needed filters on every faucet and the total cost would be near 12k dollars.

Police say the investigation is in its early stages, detectives obtained the sales person’s valid identification and issued a summons for soliciting without a permit.

”We want to remind our residents to report any solicitation attempts to Belleville Police.

We also remind our residents that they should never allow any sales people inside there home if you did not schedule an appointment” Belleville Police officials said.

Some of the common sales tactics include: test your water and to use drops to dilute or discolor your water then push filtration devices.