Abbott Leadership Institute (Youth Media Symposium) at Rutgers University Newark Awarded a 2019 Hello Insights HI IMPACT AWARD

The Abbot Leadership Institute -Youth Media Symposium- has been identified as a 2019 HI Impact Awardee for your High School program. HI Impact Awardees performed in the top four percent of all programs that used Hello Insight during the 2018-2019 school year and summer session.

According to officials at Hello Insight, the Abbot Leadership Institute provided young people with exceptionally-high-quality, research-based experiences that promoted statistically significant growth in social and emotional learning (SEL).

Officials say to make this determination, they analyzed data from 459 programs run by hard-working, passionate staff using Hello Insight. These programs supported more than 27,000 young people to reach their fullest potential.

Officials say young people in the Abbot Leadership Initiative developed SEL capacities more than a matched set of young people with similar attributes.

"The data is clear; these programs are having an amazing impact on the young people they serve," according to a statement released by Hello Insight.

This type of success in SEL growth has been shown to rival academic or technical skills in their ability to predict employment and earnings, among other outcomes, according to officials.

While the demand for such skills has increased over the past 20 years, many employers around the world have reported that job candidates lack the soft skills needed to fill the available positions. In the face of current societal, economic, environmental, and social challenges, the promotion of these non-academic skills is seen as more critical than ever before.

Business and political leaders are urging schools to pay more attention to equipping students with soft skills such as a positive identity, social skills, self-management, social capital, academic self-efficacy, and a sense of contribution — often referred to as SEL or 21st Century Skills.