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78 Months Today: The Unresolved Mystery of Newark Mother Venika Williams' Disappearance


By: Richard L. Smith 

Today marks 78 months since the mysterious disappearance of a Newark mother, Ms. Venika Williams, leaving behind a trail of questions and a community in deep concern.

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Despite the passage of time, the search for the missing Newark mother has seen little progress, deepening the mystery.

In a notable development on March 3, 2023, Mr. Asmar Earp, 37, of Newark, was charged with embezzling federal benefits meant for Venika's disabled child, as announced by U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger.

Missing Venika

Earp, who was in a romantic relationship with Venika, is indicted with two counts of wire fraud and two counts of aggravated identity theft but has not been charged in relation to Venika's disappearance.

Just six days after Venika went missing on December 24, 2017, U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger said Earp illicitly gained control of her son's benefits.

He continued this fraudulent activity until February 2020, exploiting Venika's personal information for financial gain.


Today, Venika Williams remains missing without a trace. Newark Police officials said they believed Williams was heading toward Jersey City.She is described her as 5'3" tall, weighing about 142 lbs, with brown eyes and hair, and wearing a black leather coat, blue jeans, red sneakers, and a red purse.

A reward offered by Crime Stoppers on July 22, 2020, remains unclaimed for information leading to her location.


Law enforcement urges anyone with information to contact the Essex County Prosecutor's Office.

No matter how small, every piece of information is crucial in piecing together this enduring mystery and bringing closure to Venika's family and the community.

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