$1M Scratch-Off Sold in Gloucester County

James Barbino of Williamstown in Gloucester County is a regular lottery player who likes playing both lottery draw games and scratch-off games.

While in the store he usually visits to buy lottery tickets, he made a quick decision to purchase a Million Dollar Multiplier scratch-off ticket because it had multiple opportunities to win in the one game.

James took the ticket with him and scratched it off in the car before starting his drive home, but couldn’t believe what he saw – he had won $1,000,000! Still in disbelief, he would look at the ticket at every stop light on the way home. When he finally got home, he checked the ticket again very carefully and that is when it hit him this really was a jackpot winning ticket. He was ecstatic and in shock at this first big lottery win.

James immediately told his wife, his closest family members and his boss the good news that he had won $1 million playing the Million Dollar Multiplier lottery game. Everyone was amazed and so excited for him. After sharing the good news, James signed the back of the ticket and put it in his safety box until he was able to talk to an advisor about his winnings.

Future plans for James include buying a new camper, fixing little things around the house and investing the rest for him and his wife – AND to continue playing New Jersey Lottery games! The lucky ticket was purchased at Traders Variety, E. 1951 N. Blk. Horse Pk., Williamstown in Gloucester County.

New Jersey Lottery players claimed more than $97.2 million in prizes playing Scratch-Offs in November.