"The "I Am Somebody" Mural is the vision of THRIVE Academy's educator Ms. Alvarez and inside the school that's located on 18th Avenue in Newark " According to officials, Ms. Alvarez made the original drawing for the mural along with selecting inspirational quotes from various essential celebrities and historians. Artist Mr. Suliman Onque of art company **"3 The Art Way"** was commissioned to create a mural to bring this vision to life officials say. This mural which embodies children of different ethnic backgrounds show the diversity of the Thrive Academy students. NOTE: Ms. Alvarez created the black and white images. According to the THRIVE Academy's website, the school exposing students to the arts can have a significant impact on their development, confidence, concentration, and teamwork. "Our students take performing arts, dance and music classes twice a week. Just a few ways we try to help them become creative, well-rounded individuals" the websites said.