Woman Running from Kearny Police Jumps into Passaic River to Avoid Shoplifting Charges

Kearny emergency responders and rescue crews safely pulled a woman from the Passaic River after the alleged shoplifter jumped into the body of water to evade capture on Thursday afternoon.

According to preliminary reports, just before 1:15 p.m., Keany Police officers received reports for a local store that a woman took several items from the establishment then fled the scene in a car.

Police officers -who were actively patrolling the area- spotted the suspected vehicle and pulled the driver over according to preliminary reports.

When police attempted to continue the investigation, the woman ran from officers then jumped into the Passaic River a couple of blocks from the Arlington Diner, according to reports.

Witnesses in the area said Kearny firefighters arrived at the scene and assisted the woman out of the water and into police custody.

Police have not confirmed what establishment the woman was accused of shoplifting at this time.