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Woman Attacked, Robbed for Dog in Maplewood


On November 2, at approximately 8:40 pm, the Maplewood Police Department received a call from a female reporting she was a victim of a robbery forty minutes prior.

According to Maplewood Police, patrols responded to the area and spoke with a 37-year-old female resident reporting she was out walking her dog (English Micro Bulldog) on Boyden Avenue when a black four-door sedan pulled up to her in the area of Jacoby Street.

Police say, two males exited the vehicle and physically assaulted her by punching her several times, causing her to fall to the ground. 

The males then took control of her dog and fled with the dog inside the vehicle on Boyden Avenue towards Stuyvesant Avenue.

According to officials, the first male actor was a black male, approximately 5'7 in height late 20's, wearing a light blue hoody.

Police say, the second male was a black male, approximately 5'7 in height, wearing a white t-shirt and black sweatpants.

Both males had close-cut haircuts.

The victim sustained swelling and cuts to her face but refused medical attention.