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Winter Weather Advisory: Newark, North Jersey Blanketed in 2-5 Inches of Snow


By: Richard L. Smith 

The Newark and North Jersey region awoke this snowy Saturday morning to a blanket of white courtesy of an Alberta clipper that swept through New Jersey, leaving several inches of snow in its wake.AdWith a Winter Weather Advisory in effect until 10 a.m., residents are urged to brace for total snow accumulations ranging from 2 to 5 inches.

Alberta Clippers, named after their origin in western Canada, are swift-moving low-pressure systems that traverse the northern United States.

These systems are particularly common in the late fall and winter, bringing with them rapid snowfall and brisk winds as they sweep across the landscape.

The timing of the snowfall has proven somewhat by chance, occurring during the early hours of a weekend day. This unanticipated scheduling means that, unlike a weekday, the morning commute is spared the complications typically associated with such weather conditions.

Nonetheless, the advisory warns of slippery road conditions, urging caution for those who must venture out.AdThe National Weather Service said Saturday's forecast promises more snow, mainly before 8 a.m., with a slight chance of additional snow showers after p.m.

Temperatures are expected to hover near 39 degrees, with light winds turning northwest and picking up speed in the morning to reach 9 to 14 mph.

Gusts could peak at 24 mph, and there's a 90% chance of precipitation, potentially adding another 1 to 2 inches of snow.

Today is an ideal day to prioritize safety and comfort by staying indoors, keeping warm, and allowing work crews the space and time to clear the roads.

For those in the Newark and North Jersey region, it's a day to enjoy the winter scenery from the warmth of home and to stay off the roads whenever possible.