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Why You Should Care More About This Upcoming NJ Election

New Jersey

By: Candice Iheme, Esq.  

Election Day is just around the corner, and it's crucial to remember that every single seat in the New Jersey Legislature is up for grabs.

LawyersWhile Presidential elections often draw the most attention, it's the state-level policies that significantly impact our lives. Local elections matter.

If you've received a sample ballot, take a moment to open it and research the officials you'll be voting for in this election. Making informed and educated choices is essential. If you've misplaced your ballot, a quick Google search can help you find the sample ballots for your county.

Currently, Democrats control the Legislature, but that could change this time around. In the last gubernatorial election, Governor Murphy won by a mere 3.2 percentage points.

Real EstateIt's a significant outcome when an incumbent Governor nearly loses to a newcomer, especially when many struggle to even pronounce the newcomer's name.

This demonstrates the importance of taking elections seriously.

The closeness of that election underscores the power of quiet mobilization. Republicans may not always make a flashy show during elections, but they consistently mobilize and show up.

It's time for everyone to conduct thorough research and create a voting plan. Election Day is Tuesday, November 7, 2023, but early voting is an option.

Simply Google "early voting + [your county]" to find where you can vote this weekend.

Why wait until Tuesday and deal with voting before or after work when you can easily cast your vote this weekend?

I'll be voting on Saturday morning, and I encourage you to make a voting plan as well.

Don't just say you'll vote on Tuesday; decide on the exact time. Your vote, or the decision not to vote, could shape New Jersey's political landscape for decades to come.


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