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Westfield Mayor Announces Police Chief’s Abrupt Retirement


Mayor Shelley Brindle announced that, effective immediately, Police Chief David Wayman will be retiring from the department and Captain Chris Battiloro will be appointed Acting Chief of Police. 

Officials say this action comes after consultation with the Union County Prosecutor’s office and the Town’s labor counsel.

Mayor Brindle indicated that Town Administrator Jim Gildea will discuss the details of the search process for a new permanent Chief of Police in the coming weeks with the Town Council.

“As with any personnel change of this magnitude, it’s critical that we complete a thorough search for a Police Chief who will lead by example and instill a culture of trust and accountability,” said Brindle. “I am committed to a process that is worthy of the outstanding and dedicated members of our Police Department, as well as the residents they serve.”

Officials say the town remains fully compliant in terms of the amount of information it is able to release on this topic, and it intends to provide additional details at the appropriate time.

The immediate focus is informing Westfield residents of this important change and moving forward with the critical process of identifying a new Chief.