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West Orange Center's PIECES: Messages in Street Art Exhibit Provides Opportunity to Connect

By landichoJ1 on
West Orange

After 20 months of a disruption of human connection, isolation and social distancing, the West Orange Arts Center’s PIECES (short for masterpieces): Messages in Street Art exhibit provides gallery visitors visual thrills and an opportunity to connect again with others, county officials say.

Celebrating creativity, freedom and raw emotion, 29 local artists from the New York and New Jersey street art community share their work, a treasure in this time of disconnection that COVID has requires.


According to county officials, visitors also have the rare chance to meet artists on the upcoming weekends, considering the elusive nature of street artists.

The work in PIECES can be confrontational or funny and often defies categorization.

On exhibit are creations found on traditional canvases and on the untraditional (cardboard, serving trays, and spray paint cans).


Officials say the exhibit also includes collaboration between artists, illustrating how art provides a collective connection to help us grow.

This exhibit offers a rare overview of artists' work and expressions seen throughout the metropolitan New York area.

PIECES Message in Street Art — which can be viewed at the West Orange Arts Center through November 28 — showcases the work of 29 street artists, inviting the viewer to enjoy and offering an opportunity to connect again.