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Weekend Warm-Up in Newark After Chilly Friday Morning


By: Richard L. Smith 

North Jersey residents woke up to another chilly morning, with temperatures hovering around 43 degrees at 4:30 a.m. However, the forecast holds good news for the weekend.

Friday's weather is expected to be sunny and gradually milder, with a high near 57.

While the morning started cold, a light southwest wind is anticipated to increase to 5 to 10 mph, helping to usher in some warmth.

GenceptzAs night falls, residents can expect mostly cloudy conditions, with temperatures dipping to around 42 degrees. A south wind of approximately seven mph will persist overnight.

Despite the chilly start, Newark and the surrounding areas can look forward to a weekend warm-up.

Saturday is predicted to bring even milder temperatures, providing an excellent opportunity for outdoor activities and enjoyment of the pleasant weather.