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Wayne Resident Arrested for Stealing Car From Pizzeria


By: Richard L. Smith

Wayne Police arrested a man for allegedly stealing a vehicle at a pizzeria Saturday. 

At approximately 2:00 p.m., Wayne Police Officers were called to Anthony Franco's Pizza on Hamburg Turnpike regarding a recently stolen vehicle.

The victim, a delivery driver for the pizzeria, informed Officer Kyle Criger that he had left his vehicle running in front of the restaurant between deliveries, only to find it missing upon his return.

Officials said the Wayne Police Communications Bureau issued an alert to neighboring towns. Subsequently, Haledon Police spotted the stolen vehicle speeding through their town, causing multiple collisions.

The stolen vehicle came to a halt after crashing, but the driver resisted exiting and tried to flee. Haledon Police Officers had to break the vehicle's window to extract the driver, who sustained injuries during the crash.

Officer Criger headed to Haledon, where the injured suspect was receiving medical attention and being held by Haledon Police.

After questioning, Officer Criger arrested the Mr. Victor Rivera-Davila, 44, of Wayne, charging him with theft.

Police said Rivera-Davila was released on a summons into the hospital's custody as per bail reform guidelines.