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Wayne Police Arrest Erratic Driver Amid Flooding Emergency


By: Richard L. Smith 

In a bizarre sequence of events, Wayne Police Officer Trevor Costabile, engaged in a routine traffic stop on Cedar Place, noticed a GMC van driving erratically.AdThe incident, which occurred around 11:56 a.m., saw the van speeding in and out of a shopping center parking lot, leaving tire marks behind.

Despite Officer Costabile’s attempts to intercept the van along Route 23 and Newark-Pompton Turnpike, the driver, identified as Kreg Daviou, 34, of Wayne, ignored the police lights and siren, leading to a precarious chase through flooded streets.

Wayne Township, under a state of emergency due to flooding, witnessed the van speeding dangerously close to a pedestrian in the water and eventually becoming stuck in a wooded area off the road.

The Wayne Police Marine Unit, already deployed for flood response, assisted in the apprehension of Daviou.AdDespite initial claims of being in a different location, he was spotted and arrested without resistance.

Daviou, subjected to field sobriety tests, was charged with Second Degree Eluding, Driving While Intoxicated, and other motor vehicle violations.

He was held at Passaic County Jail, awaiting a detention hearing, after refusing to provide breath samples for further testing.

The incident highlighted the quick response of the Wayne Police in managing an erratic driver during a critical emergency situation.