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Wayne Announces Program to Help Mental Health of Residents During COVID-19 Pandemic

By rlsmetro on

COVID-19 related issues such as job loss, business shutdowns and school closures have left many with stress, anxiety and frustration. Some find themselves spiraling out of control and are experiencing depression, marital strain, or substance abuse problems. 

As a result of the financial connection to the pandemic, some have been left without pay or medical benefits.

In recognition of the impact on the community, Wayne Mayor Vergano and Wayne Counseling and Family Services are announcing a partnership to assist Wayne residents who need access to mental health services during these difficult times. 

This agreement will use relief funds to provide mental health services to Wayne residents when all other means of payment have been exhausted. 

Wayne Counseling and Family Services has a licensed, professional staff to assist the community with their mental health and counseling needs. Coupled with the ability to provide these services to any Wayne resident, regardless of the ability to pay, they can be a tremendous asset to those in need of assistance.

Mayor Vergano, Wayne Township and Wayne Counseling and Family Services hope that residents will reach out for this assistance if they are in need.