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Voorhes Flight Attendant’s Luck Takes Off, Winning $250K Scatch-Off

By kcora on
Voorhees Township

Linda Biernacki, a flight attendant living in Voorhees, often finds herself traveling for work. She enjoys playing scratch-off tickets and recently experienced a new type of sky-high feeling when she played a $250,000 Crossword ticket from the New Jersey Lottery.

Officials say she uncovered letter by letter and filled out the crossword puzzle on the ticket, watching word after word reveal itself. When she finished scratching and counted up the words, she realized there were ten words uncovered for the top prize of $250,000!

When asked what she will do with the prize, Linda mentioned that it will help with costs associated with her son's college, as well as providing some financial security for the future.

According to New Jersey Lottery release,

Linda purchased her lucky ticket at Speedy Mart on 715 Somerdale Rd., Blackwood in Camden County.

Jan Balut of Manville is a fortunate gambler, and he is very proud of a handful of four- and five-figure prizes that he has won at casinos over the years. Those prizes were exciting enough on their own, but Jan had his eyes on an even bigger prize.

Officials say he recently purchased a lucky $1,000,000 Gold Rush game at his local retailer, The Pantry Market on 7000 JFK Blvd., Guttenberg in Hudson County.

After purchasing the ticket, Jan happily scratched away at his ticket, hoping for a gold rush of his own. By the time he was done scratching, Jan saw his winning number match one of the revealed numbers on his ticket. He uncovered the prize amount to see his first ever seven-figure prize, an incredible $1,000,000 payday!

Jan has a handful of plans with his seven-figure prize money, setting some aside for a house and a new car before safely saving the rest for his future and his retirement.

New Jersey Lottery players claimed more than $108.4 million in prizes playing Instant Games in June.