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Volunteer Firefighter Arrested for Arson in Wanaque


Passaic County officials announced that based upon an investigation by the Wanaque Police Department, Shannon B. Muller, 40-years-old, Wanaque, was arrested in relation to an arson investigation that took place on October 31, in a wooded area behind the Warrens Way housing complex.

Mr. Muller is charged with Arson, Third Degree.

According to Wanaque Police, on October 31, at approximately 8:58 a.m., a member of the police department observed Shannon B. Muller lighting a piece of paper with a match and placing the burning paper on the forest floor in a wooded area behind the Warrens Way housing complex in Wanaque, causing the bush to ignite.

Police say, Mr. Muller fled the scene while the fire continued to burn but was apprehended before he could exit the wooded area.

Based on the investigation, Shannon B. Muller was arrested and charged.

According to officials, Mr. Muller was identified as a volunteer firefighter with the Wanaque Borough Fire Department.

Officials say, Shannon B. Muller appeared before the Hon. Vincenzo Stampone, J.M.C. on November 1, and was released on Pretrial Monitoring.

Mr. Muller’s next scheduled court appearance is November 29.

The sentencing exposure for Shannon B. Muller on Third-Degree Arson is 3-5 years in New Jersey State Prison.