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VIDEO: Surveillance Footage Gives Context to Assault Allegations Made Against Jersey City Councilman

Jersey City

In a recent criminal complaint, filed on July 19, Jersey City Councilman Jermaine Robinson was accused by his ex-girlfriend of assault.

The [**complaint**]( alleges that on July 17, Councilman Robinson and the woman were arguing in the Light Rail Cafe, which he owns and where she works. She claims that he began "grabbing tables and flipping them as well as breaking a bottle and throwing it on the floor."

In the complaint, she then claims that after going upstairs to the hallway in front of his apartment he grabbed her by the arms, swung her back and forth and then threw her down a flight of stairs.

Surveillance footage obtained by RLS Media shows the Councilman and the woman arguing in the cafe. In the video, she can be seen holding and grabbing Councilman Robinson as he attempts to stay away from her.

*Surveillance Footage was obtained from The Light Rail Restaurant*

During the video, the Councilman is also seen picking up and throwing away what appears to be a broken table top. Towards the end he is seen picking up what appears to the metal bottom of a cafe table.

The video also shows the woman grabbing the Councilman into a head lock as he moves around trying to clean up. At one point, the Councilman tried to exit the back door but can't.

At the end of the interior video, the two are seen walking out of the frame together.

In an exterior clip, the the woman is seen running behind him as he flees down the street.

*Surveillance Footage was obtained from The Light Rail Restaurant*

The Councilman's lawyer has said that the claims made in the complaint are false.

Councilman Robinson turned himself in to police on Tuesday morning and was released his after his first court appearance on the same day.