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Video Shows West Orange Man Peeing on Newark Police Car


Police in Newark capture a suspect on a cellphone video urinating on a Newark Police vehicle.

Police say Mr. Tauqeer Boyd, 22, of West Orange, was arrested at his home at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday night, less than 24 hours after the incident at the Newark CityPlex movie theaters, and just a few hours after police were notified of the video on social media.

Link to Video:

“We absolutely will not tolerate disrespect of our police,” said Ambrose. “We take this as a personal insult. When our department became aware of this, we moved quickly to apprehend the suspect.”

Ambrose said the fact the video came to the attention of police from the public shows that “mutual respect” between police and Newark citizens is building.

“The public wants to be respected and wants the police to be respected, too,” he said. “This was not only an insult to us, but a quality of life issue. Newark residents want us to enforce the law and improve the quality of life in the city.”

Police say a video of Boyd urinating on a marked police SUV, while being cheered on by onlookers, was taken on Saturday night, May 4, outside the CityPlex 12 movie theaters.

The vehicle was unmanned at the time as police were on an assignment out of the vehicle. The next afternoon, the video came to the attention of the police and a warrant was issued for Boyd.

Police Boyd was arrested a few hours later and charged with lewdness, criminal mischief and disorderly contact.

Last October, Boyd was arrested for burglarizing a police cruiser parked outside Hoboken Police headquarters.

In that incident Boyd and another man rummaged through the cruiser, threw two summons books on the ground and unzipped a Narcan kit. Boyd was arrested at the scene without incident.

These charges are merely accusations. This suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court of law.