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VIDEO: Male Viciously Attacked by Masked Suspects in Newark's Ironbound Section; Victim, Assailants Sought


Newark Police officials are investigating a violent attack caught on surveillance video in a residential neighborhood in Newark's Ironbound section.

According to the video, the incident was confirmed on Warwick Street at approximately 2:30 a.m. August 31st.

The video showed a male walking down the street, then three hooded suspects appeared. One of the suspects engaged in a short conversation with the victim.

According to the video, two other suspects appeared and began to violently beat the suspect across most of his body. The suspects began taking items from the victim's pockets while he was on the ground.

Police have not located the victim to question him and the suspects remain at-large.

**East Ward Newark Police Detective Michael Silva -offering safety tips to the Ironbound community- made the following statement on an Ironbound community forum Facebook Page:**

“Good evening so I have been in contact with Person that posted the video. Hopefully, this gentleman will be ok and come forward to file a report.

If anyone in the area happens to know who that is -victim- please have him come see me at the 3rd Precinct on Market Street.

Yes, you should be able to walk the streets at night, I will not disagree with anyone on that but, if you are going to walk late at night alone, maybe take a car or Uber.

If those options are not available, walk on a street that is a ’main street’ one with lots of traffic and more movement. Be safe, everyone”.

Residents say the detective’s comment is a slap in the face to taxpayers who live on Warwick Street, The Ironbound Section, and anywhere in the city of Newark.

According to residents, these attacks are regular in the city’s Ironbound section and usually happen to East Ward residents who are undocumented or out of status to the country.

”We are sure the detective is aware that the victims are afraid to come forward out of fear of being harassed by local police and/or turned over to federal authorities for possible deportation proceedings.

"So, they do not report violent crimes in the Ironbound on across the city even if they are the victims,” a resident of Warwick Street said.

”To infer that our streets are dark and we can only be safe on main roads like Ferry Street is simply sad” the Warwick Street resident continued.

The latest attacks are among multiple violent episodes where residents have suffered injuries at the hands of masked males who randomly beat victims in the East Ward.

On Mothers Day 2019, at approximately 6:45 a.m. in the 100 block of Ferry Street, two suspects exited a vehicle then 'bum-rushed' and beat a woman who simply walked down Ironbound's main street.

On May 9th, two women and a child were walking on Market Street at around 11:30 a.m. when an unidentified male walked in the opposite direction before the unprovoked attack occurred.

The man lunged at the women, which prompted a struggle that lasted about 20 seconds where the suspect caused minor injuries to the woman's neck and face according to reports.

Arrests were made in both May 2019 incidents, but the suspects for the Warwick Street attack remain at-large.