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VIDEO: Deer Trapped After Ramming Through Princeton Home’s Glass Door


Police responded to a Princeton home Friday but had to deal with a different type of intruder that they are accustomed to.

According to authorities, police, Fire Marshal Joe Novak & Animal Control Officer Jim Ferry all responded to a Wescott Road for a report of an intruder.

Upon arrival, officials learned that a deer smashed through a front window, ran through the home then became trapped in a stairwell by the basement.

Officials say crews were able to remove the basement door that blocked the deer's escape.

According to authorities, the deer sustained some small cuts from the glass but seemed to be more scared than injured.

Officials say should a deer wind up in your residence, retreat to a separate room and contact police immediately. The deer will be very afraid and you can be seriously injured as it tries to escape confinement.

Photo/video: Princeton police