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UPDATE: Woman in Possible Newark Kidnapping Located

By rlsmetro on

Newark Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose reports that the woman seen being pushed into a vehicle at Mulberry Street and Edison Place responded to police today following media coverage about the Newark Police Division's search for her.

Police said at approximately 9 a.m., the 35-year-old female arrived at the 1st Precinct, identified herself and explained what transpired.

The woman stated that after returning from California yesterday, she took a train to Newark Pennsylvania Station, where her boyfriend was scheduled to pick her up.

When her boyfriend, who arrived late, spotted her walking near Mulberry Street and Edison Place, he stopped to pick her up. She continued walking because she was upset with him for being late.

The boyfriend then pleaded for her forgiveness.

Once she agreed, he exited the van, lifted her off her feet and placed her in the van before driving away.

Newark Police responded to the area to investigate after receiving a call of a male physically forcing a female into a vehicle and driving away.

Police have closed the investigation due to the woman’s response.

“Thanks to the effective use of the media, we now know that the woman is safe and unharmed,” Director Ambrose said. “We are grateful that she quickly contacted police after learning about our search, enabling us to conclude the investigation.”