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UPDATE VIDEO: Two Firefighters Injured After Fire at Pepsi Warehouse Causes Explosions in Piscataway


Middlesex County Fire officials believe propane tanks exploded at a Pepsi warehouse that caused a massive building fire in Piscataway Tuesday evening. 

Company officials at Pepsi said in a statement that the fire started outside of the Pepsi plant and warehouse in Piscataway. 

Officials said details of how the fire started would be investigated. First responders are on-site working to ensure the fire is controlled and quickly put out.

Pepsi officials said that all employees and people in the facility have been evacuated with no injuries.

According to police, the fire started just after 6:30 p.m. and spread to a fifth alarm. Initial reports say multiple propane tanks may have exploded, causing the flames to grow.


Piscataway Mayor Wahlaer gave the following statement regarding the blaze:

"When you arrived on the scene, you saw a fully involved fire. You're saying alright 'what's going on here?' Once they determined that there was nothing that was gonna put the fire volunteers in harm's way, they repositioned the four ladder towers that are pouring water on right now -- that will continue to pour water on through the night on this structure."

Police say there has been no sign of a potential collapse of the structure.