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UPDATE VIDEO: Residents Complain of Subpar Living Conditions as Cause of Building Explosion at Newark North Ward Housing Development



Cold Stone

By: Richard L. Smith 

Authorities and fire officials in Newark are actively investigating a sudden and devastating building explosion that occurred in the North Ward on Friday evening.

The incident took place at the Stephen Crane Housing project on Pine Lane, and it was captured on surveillance video.

At approximately 6:10 p.m., residents were startled by the shocking explosion that engulfed one of the residential units, causing it to collapse.


Emergency responders swiftly arrived at the scene and immediately began searching for potential victims who might have been trapped under the debris.

During the rescue operation, a female individual was discovered emerging from the rubble, injured and bleeding, with serious burns residents told RLS Media.

Newark officials confirmed that a total of six victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries due to the explosion.

While city authorities and the Newark Housing Authority have not yet released the specific cause of the building explosion, residents in the area have expressed their concerns over deteriorating conditions in some of the buildings at Stephen Crane.

This incident has only exacerbated their worries.

Some residents told RLS Media that they have been reporting and witnessing declining conditions inside certain buildings in the area that has not been addressed.

We've learned that this unfortunate event has added to their apprehension regarding safety and building maintenance.

As the investigation unfolds, officials are closely examining the possibility of a gas leak that might have ignited, leading to the explosion and the subsequent collapse of a portion of the building.

However, a conclusive determination has not been made public at this time.

Authorities and relevant agencies are working diligently to assess the situation thoroughly and ensure that any potential hazards are addressed promptly.

As more information becomes available, residents said they hope the community will be informed and steps will be taken to prevent such incidents in the future. 

"We already have it bad down here. We really don't need building explosions to add to our everyday worries experienced at Stephen Crane" several residents concluded. 

Just over a dozen residents were displaced.