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UPDATE: Threat Made to Newark Charter School has Police Investigating

By rlsmetro on

Police in Newark are investigating another threat made to the same charter school since the educational year began for staff and students at a charter school in the city.

According to preliminary reports, police and school officials intercepted a text message made to The North Star Charter School on South 9th Street and Central Avenue -The Old Martin Luther King Public School- shortly before dismissal.

The text reportedly threatened to shoot up the school at the end of the day.

Newark Police flooded the area with cops while they searched the building and the outer perimeter for anything suspicious according to reports.

There were no injuries reported and the day ended without any incidents.

On October 18th, parents at the North Star Charter School South 9th Street campus frantically scrambled to the building to get their children after school officials alerted them that they received two bomb threats that began just after students arrived at the building to start the day.

Police searched the school but did not find any evidence of explosives.

Both incidents remain under investigation.