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UPDATE: Suspect Responsible for Social Media Threat to Newark Arts High School Arrested


A "stationhouse adjustment" was ordered for a juvenile responsible for added security measures and police activity at a Newark Public School after the boy posted a social media threat indicating bodily injuries to staff and students in the school.

The incident unfolded on Thursday night when authorities launched an investigation into the apparent threat that was posted explicitly targeting Newark Arts High School with bodily violence that was "generally stated" on the social media site and not aimed at a specific person according to Newark Police officials.

Police officers and Newark Public School security officials arrived at the school before the arrival of students on Friday and examined the building while security personnel searched students during their entrance into the building.

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According to a statement released by authorities, they identified the male juvenile during their rigorous but short investigation and determined that the boy, in fact, was the person who posted the threat to the school.

Police officials said that after further review of the matter, they determined that the incident did not warrant prosecution in the courts, but the case was best adjudicated through the NJ State approved Stationhouse Adjustment measure.

According to the NJ Attorney General Guidelines, a stationhouse adjustment is an alternative method that law enforcement agencies may use to handle first-time juvenile offenders who have committed minor juvenile delinquency offenses within their jurisdiction.

The guideline stated that the intent of the adjustment program is to provide for immediate consequences, such as community service or restitution and a prompt and convenient resolution for the victim, while at the same time benefitting the juvenile by avoiding the stigma of a formal juvenile delinquency record.

In many instances, this early intervention will deter the youth from continuing their negative behavior and divert the juvenile from progressing further into the juvenile justice system the guideline said.

Newark Police officials have used the measure in several matters that involved juveniles where the process allows the juvenile officers to resolve minor disputes without the need to file a complaint with the court.

Students at Arts High School were returning to school from a snowstorm that closed schools and public buildings in the city on Thursday with a 10 a.m. delayed start on Friday morning.

The community-at-large commended the Newark Police Department and Newark city officials for their swift handling of the incident and safety of the student body.

RLS Media could not release the identity of the boy due to his age.