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UPDATE: Police Release Additional Information on Human Remains Found at Snack Stand in Alpine


The Bergen County Prosecutor's Office has released additional information on human remains found at a snack stand in Alpine on Monday.

Officials say at approximately 8:00 a.m., employees of the Stateline Lookout snack stand in the Palisades Interstate Park contacted the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department to report that a bag of suspected human remains had been found hanging on the door.

According to officials, the individual who left the bag of remains on the snack stand door was located and directed law enforcement officers to the location where the remains were found.

Additional bones and some personal items were discovered at the site officials said.

The remains have been identified as human bones, but a positive identification has not been determined at this time.

Officials say the remains will be submitted to a lab for identification and will be compared to missing person records.