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UPDATE: Police Arrest Man Stomped on Several Newark Police Cars


An apparent display of public defiance and disrespect of authority by a man on a Newark South Ward street has landed the suspect behind bars and Newark Police officials investigating how the officer handled the situation.

The incident happened in the 300 block of Clinton Place near Lyons Avenue where he emotionally distressed man became irate for an unknown reason and began to jump on a patrol car and stomp down on it at around 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

According to a video that surfaced on social media, the suspect taunted an officer until backup units arrived where the man then jumped on top of two more patrol cars.

The 3-4 minute video showed the man walk away from the scene without police immediately taking him into custody but according to a statement released by Police Spokesperson Lt. Ronald Glover, officers ultimately arrested the unidentified man and charged him with two counts of criminal mischief.

Lt. Glover said the suspect was taken to The Essex County Jail as he awaits a court hearing.

According to Newark Police officials, the incident has been forwarded to The Internal Affairs Division for further review of the officer’s police procedures.

There were no injuries reported.