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UPDATE: Paterson Explosion Caused by Suspected Drug Mill

By kbm0423 on

The explosion in a Paterson house that sent four firefighters to the hospital was caused by a drug mill in the basement, Mayor Andre Sayegh announced on Wednesday.

Police report that the basement contained a suspected K2 drug mill, however, they are still investigating who was involved and what triggered the explosion.

According to preliminary reports, just after midnight on August 6, the Paterson fire department responded to a call from a home at 155 Illinois Avenue.

When firefighters arrived they were exposed to toxic fumes coming from the basement of the home.

According to police, after being breathing in the fumes, four firefighters exhibited adverse reactions, including collapsing.

Officials say that the affected firefighters were transported to the hospital for treatment and have since recovered and been sent home.

According to police, eleven people were displaced as a result of the explosion.

This investigation is active and ongoing.