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UPDATE: Paramus Man Charged with Fatal Hit-and-Run Boat Crash Pleads Not Guilty


A 44-year-old Paramus man charged with a fatal hit-and-run boating incident that took place on Sept. 5, 2016, in West Milford, pleads not guilty.

According to officials, on September 5, 2016, at approximately 8:36 p.m., Edwin Lane was operating his vessel on Greenwood Lake, returning to his marina accompanied by his wife Mary Lane, and two family friends Robert and Eileen Roon. As they were approaching their marina, they were struck from behind by another vessel. The striking vessel immediately left the scene.

As a result of the collision, Ed Lane and Robert Roon were rendered unconscious, both suffering serious head injuries. Mary Lane and Eileen Roon, who both suffered non-life threatening injuries, were able to return their vessel safely to shore and called for emergency assistance. Ed Lane never recovered from the injuries he sustained and died a few weeks later at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center.

Officials say Mary Lane and Eileen Roon were both treated and released from the hospital the night of the accident, and Robert Roon was airlifted to the hospital and eventually recovered from his injuries.

During the course of the investigation, it was determined that the vessel belonging to Shawn Kelly sustained damage consistent with the corresponding damage sustained by Lane’s vessel.

The damage to Kelly’s vessel included scratches on the hull, paint transfers under the water line, and damage to the outdrive and the propeller.

Additionally, during the investigation, it was determined that Kelly was alone on his vessel at the time of the incident and was traveling along the same path and direction as the victim’s vessel. A subsequent accident reconstruction analyzing the damage to both vessels confirmed that Kelly’s boat was, in fact, the vessel that struck the Lane’s vessel from behind.