UPDATE: No Fatalities, 12 Injured After DPW Truck Crashes into Five Vehicles in Union City

A DPW Garbage Truck that lost control on a street in Union City crashed into four cars and a bus injuring 12 people before smashing through the Palisades Avenue bridge then fell onto the westbound lanes of NJ-495 this afternoon.

According to Hudson Country Prosecutor Esther Suarez, the incident happened at around 12:56 pm where witnesses reported to police that a truck slammed into several vehicles on Palisades Avenue.

Witnesses said the driver of the truck drove about a block and a half blaring his horn for cars to potentially move out of the away before the crash occurred.

Prosecutor Suarez said all of the injured were taken to three hospitals and all remain in stable condition. She would not immediately say if the truck experienced mechanical issues.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.