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UPDATE: Newark Resident Identified as South Ward Crash Victim


By: Richard L. Smith 

The family of a woman killed in a violent single-car crash in Newark's South Ward is seeking answers to how the collision occurred Monday. 

Elizabeth resident Ms. Jennifer Bostic told RLS Media that she hadn't received any information from authorities on the early morning crash that left her daughter, Ms. Mucielouise Janulle Bostic, 35, of Newark, dead in a collision on Clinton Avenue Monday. 


RLS Media first reported the collision that happened at 1:30 a.m. at 210 Clinton Avenue. 

Emergency responders rushed to the scene after receiving reports of a car crash with trapped occupants. Upon arrival, rescue crews found that a car had lost control, veered from the road, and slammed into a brick wall. 

Bostic was pronounced dead at the scene, while two other occupants of the severely damaged car were transported to University Hospital suffering severe injuries. 

Jennifer Bostic said she spoke to Mucielouise shortly before the crash and said she was heading home from work. 


"I have not received any information on the crash, and it's very frustrating. I didn't even receive a call allowing me to identify my daughter's remains. I went to University Hospital Monday morning, but they wouldn't assist me with any information," Jennifer Bostic said. 

According to Jennifer, Mucielouise was not the vehicle's owner, but she could not confirm who drove the car during the collision. Jennifer said she did not know the other occupants in the car. 

A dedicated community servant, Mucielouise is known in her hometown Elizabeth for several endeavors that assisted the community, including collecting much-needed supplies for flood victims at Oakwood Plaza, Jennifer said. 

Mucielouise is survived by four children, the youngest being a 3-year-old boy. 

The Essex County Prosecutor's Office has not announced involvement in the investigation.