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UPDATE: Newark Pair Arrested in Connection with a Series of Wallet Thefts in Springfield

Springfield Township (Union)

Police today announced the arrest of two Newark residents wanted in connection with a series of wallet theft around town.

According to authorities, today Springfield Officer Luis Brito was off-duty and on his way to work when he observed a person matching the description of a man wanted in connection with multiple wallet thefts from office buildings in the area.

Police say Officer Brito spotted the person walking with a second individual along Morris Avenue in Springfield and immediately notified headquarters. Officials say the officer the two subjects until additional officers arrived, at which time the pair was detained.

A further on-scene investigation by Detective Sergeant James Mirabile and Detective John Patrick determined an additional wallet theft, which had not yet been discovered or reported to police, occurred moments before the suspect was spotted.

The detectives were able to positively identify the detained individuals as the suspects involved in the current and previously reported thefts.

Police arrested and charged Anthony Smith, 54, and Cynthia Smith, 49, both of Newark, with theft and trespassing for their crimes in Springfield, and additional charges in other jurisdictions are now pending.

Chief John Cook praised the actions of the Springfield `officers, and reminds the community that police officers are never really off-duty. “Police officers have a higher responsibility to take action, even when they’re not working. It really is a 24/7 commitment, which is what we saw from our officer today… and it’s not the first time he solved a major case while off-duty.”

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