UPDATE: Man Killed by Car While Walking on NJ Highway was Newark Resident State Police says

Officials for the NJ State Police are trying to understand why a Newark man was walking on a major highway where he was struck and killed by a vehicle on Saturday morning.

According to a statement released by State Police Spokesperson Trooper Charles Marchan, 53-year old Mr. Miguel Dejesus Toribio was struck in the southbound lanes of the NJ Turnpike in Newark by a 2011 Lexus SUV at around 12:40 am.

Trooper Marchan said emergency responders found Dejesus-Toribio unconscious and unresponsive after he suffered severe injuries.

EMS pronounced Dejesus-Toribio dead at the scene. Police say he did not own a vehicle on the highway nor was his car disabled. It is not clear why Dejesus-Toribio was on the highway.

Police closed the left and center lanes for two hours while they investigated.