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UPDATE: Irvington Township Wellness Initiative Bike Tour Draws Bikers from Across the NJ Region

Irvington Township

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By: Richard L. Smith 

Irvington Township witnessed a remarkable turnout for its annual Wellness Initiative Bike Tour, with cycling enthusiasts from as far as Manahawkin, New Jersey, converging upon the vibrant community.

The event, which took place on a sun-kissed Father's Day morning, promoted physical fitness and fostered a strong sense of community spirit in the Essex County town of Irvington.

The Honorable Mayor Tony Vauss, Councilwoman At-Large Dr. October Hudley, Senator Renee C. Burgess, School Superintendent Dr. Vauss April Starkey-Vauss, Essex County Surrogate Alturrick Kenney and several other city and county officials graced the occasion, adding to the event's excellence.

The day began with Councilwoman Dr. Hudley, who played an instrumental role in organizing the tour, warmly welcoming and registering the enthusiastic participants.

Fruit and water were provided to the eager bikers, courtesy of Irvington Township, in front of the city's designated starting point, the historic City Hall.

Bike race

Among the participants was the Teixeira family from Kearny, New Jersey, who hailed Irvington Township's Wellness Initiative Bike Tour as a truly remarkable community event.

This marked their third consecutive year attending, a testament to the event's growing popularity and success.

Ensuring the safety and security of all riders, Irvington's dedicated Police Department, Firefighters, and Department of Public Works joined forces, going above and beyond to make the event a resounding triumph.


Their presence and efforts throughout the tour instilled a sense of confidence and tranquility among the participants during their tour of the township.

As the bike tour unfolded, riders reveled in the picturesque scenery and favorable weather, relishing the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones on Father's Day.

The route took them through Irvington Township's neighborhoods, showcasing the community's unique charm and inspiring a deeper appreciation for the area.

Mayor Vauss, accompanied by Police Director Tracy Bowers, even took to their own bikes and toured the route, further highlighting the importance of an active lifestyle and community engagement.


Ultimately, the Irvington Township Wellness Initiative Bike Tour brought together residents and visitors alike, creating lasting memories and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The event's success serves as a testament to the community's commitment to well-being and underscores the strong bonds forged within the township.

Mayor Vauss expressed his gratitude to the over 100 bikers who participated and the entire community for their unwavering support.

City hall