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UPDATE: Irvington Township Man Swallowed Large Quantity of Heroin in Newark's West Ward Police say

By rlsmetro on

Officials in Newark are reporting that officers from the 6th Precinct saved the life of Mr. Anthony Moore, 30, of Irvington, who swallowed a large quantity of heroin before he was arrested yesterday.

“I commend these officers for their swift actions in saving this suspect’s life,” Director Ambrose said. “Unfortunately, some bad information has gone out on social media to indicate that the suspect didn’t survive this incident. That’s incorrect. Due to the life-saving efforts of these officers this man is alive today.”

According to police, at approximately 6:50 p.m., officers patrolling the area of Mountain View Avenue and Chelsea Avenue observed a man engaged in a drug transaction. Upon becoming aware of police presence, the suspect who was handing off the drugs walked away.

When police requested him to stop walking, the suspect, Moore, put some 20 glassine envelopes of heroin into his mouth and ingested them according to police.

Officers at the scene ordered the man to spit out the drugs, but he swallowed them and began resisting attempts to be taken into custody. Police called for EMS, but Moore became unresponsive and began vomiting and convulsing before EMS arrived.

Officers recognizing signs that Moore was experiencing an overdose, carried him into their police vehicle and drove him to University Hospital where he was treated and regurgitated several envelopes of the heroin.

Moore was determined to be in stable condition before being placed under arrest.

He faces charges of CDS Distribution, CDS Distribution within 1,000-ft. of a School, CDS Distribution within 500-ft. of a Park, CDS Possession and Resisting Arrest.

These charges are merely accusations. This suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.