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UPDATE: Gunman Shoots Man, Woman in Trenton


By: Richard L. Smith

Police officials in Trenton are investigating a shooting that hurt two individuals in a section of the town Saturday night. 

It happened at 7:33 p.m. in the single-digit block of Eisenhower Avenue. 

Police arrived and found a male and female suffering bullet wounds after a gunman fired rounds from a nearby building.

Police say the male sustained a gunshot to his hand and the female suffered a gunshot to her hip.

Both were transported to the regional medical center in stable condition. 

Officers evacuated residents from the area after reports that the shooter was on the second floor inside an apartment. 

A SWAT unit was called to the scene and focused on the nearby house where they believed  the suspect barricaded inside the house. 

After several hours, police forced entry into the building, but the suspect was not there. 

The investigation remains active and ongoing.