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UPDATE: Driver Charged with Attempted Murder for Continuously Running Woman Over in Elizabeth Road Raged Attack


Union County authorities charged a man with Attempted Murder after he continuously ran a woman over with his vehicle early Tuesday morning. 

Witnesses watched and recorded the violent encounter unfold around 8 a.m. at the intersection of Salem and Aberdeen avenues.

Video of the attack showed her attempting to run away from the erratic and murderous driver who sped towards her and then struck the woman with the vehicle. 

The suspect then u-turned and ran the injured woman’s entire body over repeatedly. 

Road rage

Police said the suspect was captured and charged with attempted murder after the road raged incident. 

Ruby Contreras and Acting Public Information Officer released the following: 

“The City of Elizabeth has asked the Union Prosecutor’s Office to charge him with attempted murder and the City of Elizabeth is hopeful that when he appears before a judge, the judge remands him to prison until trial.” 

The woman is in serious but stable condition.