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UPDATE: Brick Township Woman Killed While Lying in Bed After Out of Control Car Crashes into Her Home

Brick Township

According to a statement released by police, at 8:48 this morning, the driver of a grey, 2014 Ford pickup truck lost control and crashed into the house at 372 Drum Point Road.

Police say the truck penetrated the outer wall into the living room of the home where 55-year-old Ms. Barbara Anne Filan was lying in a bed.

Filan subsequently succumbed to her injuries from the crash, according to police.

Emergency crews and investigators, including police, EMS, Pioneer Hose FD, Breton Woods FD, Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, and Ocean County Sheriff’s Office, responded. Authorities said, police and Fire personnel worked to rescue involved parties and clear debris.

The Prosecutor’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office assisted the Traffic Safety Unit to investigate the crash. The driver of the pickup, 86-year-old Mr. William McEvoy, was extricated from his vehicle and transported to the hospital for precautionary observation.

The investigation is ongoing. Chief Riccio would like to extend his deepest condolences to the families involved. "This is a tragic accident made all the more difficult by the time of year".

**IMAGE CREDIT:** Bud McCormick.