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UPDATE: Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Investigates Serious Route 4 Collision in Paramus


By: Richard  L. Smith 

An early morning crash on Route 4 Westbound near Paramus Road has drawn the attention of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, which is now working alongside Paramus detectives to unravel the events leading up to the violent collision.

The incident, occurred around 2:38 a.m. on Saturday, promptimg  a swift response from Paramus Police Officers who were confronted with a devastating scene upon their arrival.

The collision, involving two vehicles each with three occupants trapped inside, resulted in several individuals sustaining serious injuries.

The severity of the accident triggered the involvement of the Bergen County Fatal Accident Investigation Team, in addition to the Paramus Police Crash Investigation Unit, marking a concerted effort to investigate the crash's circumstances thoroughly.

A total of six victims were involved in the harrowing incident, with emergency services quickly mobilizing to transport all injured parties to nearby hospitals for urgent medical treatment.

The collective efforts of first responders and medical teams underscore the community's dedication to providing immediate care in the face of tragedy.

In the aftermath of the collision, Route 4 was subjected to a temporary closure, causing significant disruptions.

However, the road has since reopened, restoring normal traffic flow as the investigation continues.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, along with local law enforcement, is committed to conducting a comprehensive investigation to determine the crash's causes and contributing factors.

As the community awaits further updates, the focus remains on the recovery of the injured and the pursuit of answers in this serious incident.