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UPDATE: Armed Suspects Posed as Police Officers Kidnap Newark Ironbound Homeowner; Enters Home, Points Gun at Wife

By rlsmetro on

Detectives from the Newark Police Department are searching for two males wanted for a frightening home invasion robbery that resulted in a kidnapping of a homeowner Saturday, October 16. 

The gut-wrenching turn of events unfolded at exactly 2:22 a.m. on Chambers Street in Newark's Ironbound Section. 

Residents in the area notified RLS Media when the normally quiet residential neighborhood had become flooded with police officers, detectives and other emergency responders. 


Newark Police have confirmed the incident, but our staff will not share an address or identify the affected couple because the suspects have not been captured. The victims were too shaken and afraid to speak to reporters.

A video released to RLS Media of the encounter showed that the homeowner pulled up into his driveway during the early morning hours, when seconds later, a dark-colored Dodge Charger pulled up behind the victim and put on an in-vehicle emergency light on the dashboard. 

The video showed one suspect exiting the vehicle with an object in his hand that appeared to be a weapon. 

The suspect, identifying himself as a Newark Police officer, immediately handcuffed the victim, then quietly walked him to the fake police vehicle; he placed the victim in the car's rear seat and took his keys. 

According to a video from another home's surveillance system, obtained by RLS Media, the driver immediately turns off the police light and drives about 3-4 houses away.

The suspect walked to the victim's home, keyed into the door and entered the living space where the man's wife was asleep. 

Several residents and individuals with knowledge of the investigation spoke off the record. They told our staff that during the suspect's 15-20 minute encounter inside the home with the woman, a weapon was pointed at the woman's head as he demanded cash and other valuables from the residence.

While inside the house, the masked, armed and brazenly violent suspect cursed, verbally assaulted and threatened to kill the woman if certain items were not expeditiously handed over. He reportedly ransacked a portion of the home before fleeing back to the fake police vehicle, where the driver and the victim waited. 

According to a brief statement from Newark Police officials, communications dispatch was notified of the incident at approximately 2:45 a.m., and the suspect wore a vest with the word "POLICE" written on it.

Newark Police officials said the suspects drove the homeowner to the vicinity of McCarter Highway and Elm Street, where he was released from the car. Officials did not confirm some of our written accounts.

Residents told RLS Media that one of the victim's daughters picked him up from the area and drove him back home, where police were called.

Significantly few identifiable features of the suspect were observed on both angles of the video shown to RLS Media. Still, individuals with knowledge of the investigation said the victims reported that both suspects were black males who wore dark clothes and masks. 

Police did not confirm what was taken out of the home, but several residents said the suspect took cash, jewelry, and other items, but the woman was not physically attacked during the encounter.

During the week, RLS Media observed Newark Police detectives in the neighborhood, looking for clues and tips to assist in the investigation. 

In a statement, Newark Police Director Brian O'Hara said the investigation into the incident remains active, ongoing, and they are searching for the suspects responsible for the crime.

NOTE: To completely protect the identity of the victims, RLS Media has eliminated images that would reveal the homes and vehicles in the area until the suspects have been identified and captured.