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UPDATE: 78-Year-Old Man Dead, Woman Injured at Home with Elevated Carbon Monoxide Levels

Roxbury Township

Morris County authorities are investigating a possible fatal carbon monoxide poisoning that claimed the life of an elderly man in Roxbury on Saturday.

Police say they were called to a residence on Pleasant Hill Road for a 78-year-old unresponsive male.

Upon arrival, it was determined the male was deceased and the woman at the residence was also feeling ill police said.

EMS arrived on scene and their carbon monoxide detectors alerted them to elevated levels in the residence where they then transported the woman to the hospital.

Police say Roxbury Fire and New Jersey Natural Gas were on scene investigating.

”At this time we have no further information, other than there were elevated levels of CO found in the residence, , ”a police spokesman said.

We are respectfully not releasing any names until all family members are notified.