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Unlicensed Insurance Producer Indicted for Alleged Scheme to Obtain Insurance Premium Payments from Loan Servicers

Oak Ridge

Acting Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin and the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor today announced that an unlicensed insurance provider was indicted for allegedly providing fraudulent evidence of insurance records to loan service companies. 

It is further alleged that said records reflected insurance policies that did not exist in a scheme to fraudulently obtain money that was intended for annual insurance policy premiums.

According to Acting Attorney General Platkin, Phyllis Daniel, 58, of Lakeland, F.L., was indicted on theft by deception, attempted theft by deception, misconduct by a corporate official, and falsifying records. 

The indictment alleges that between on or about May 17, 2017, and July 24, 2019, Daniel purposely obtained and attempted to obtain the property of five individuals and their respective mortgage loan service companies by creating or reinforcing the false impression that Exodus Financial Services, Inc. (a company owned by Daniel based out of Oak Ridge, N.J.), was owed premiums for homeowners’ insurance policies when in fact, Daniel knew that her company was not owed premiums.

According to Acting Attorney General Platkin, Daniel faces eight counts of falsifying records for allegedly falsifying or uttering insurance policy records knowing the documents contained false information on eight occasions.

Daniel also faces a misconduct by a corporate official charge for allegedly purposely or knowingly using, controlling, or operating Exodus Financial Services Inc. for the furtherance or promotion of criminal activity, Acting Attorney General Platkin said. 

People who are concerned about insurance cheating and have information about a fraud can report it anonymously by calling the toll-free hotline at 1-877-55-FRAUD or visiting the website at 

State regulations permit a reward to be paid to an eligible person who provides information that leads to an arrest, prosecution, and conviction for insurance fraud.