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Unattended Vehicle Theft at ShopRite in Newark Raises Concerns During Cold Weather Spell


By: Richard L. Smith 

In light of the current frigid weather conditions, police in the region are issuing a stern warning to residents: 'Do not leave your cars running and unattended.'

Real EstateWith thieves on the prowl, looking for an opportunity to steal a warm ride or use the vehicle to commit felonies like robberies, carjackings, and aggravated assaults, the risk is higher than usual.

On Monday evening, a recent incident at the ShopRite on Springfield Avenue highlighted this growing concern. Shoppers returning to their vehicles witnessed the unfortunate situation.

Several masked individuals lurked in a vehicle, circling the parking lot multiple times. They seized an opportunity when a man started his white minivan and reportedly stepped out to load groceries.

Shoppers say one of the suspects quickly jumped into the running car and sped away from the shopping center.

Initially, shoppers thought it was a carjacking, but since no weapon was used or physical contact was reported, police classified the incident as car theft.

This distinction is crucial for residents to understand the nature of these crimes. Newark Police officials confirmed that there was no carjacking during that time. 

As we prepare for this cold Wednesday morning, residents are advised to be extra cautious.

If you plan to warm up your vehicle, be vigilant. Thieves could be watching and waiting to take advantage of an unguarded moment.

IMAGE: File