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Two Juveniles Arrested for Armed Robbery in Paterson

By kbm0423 on

Paterson Police officials announce that three individuals have been arrested in connection with two robberies that occurred in April.

Officials said that two juveniles, ages 14 and 17, were taken into custody after a month-long robbery investigation. 

The first juvenile was arrested Friday, while the second one was taken into custody on Tuesday.

According to police officials, on April 18, during the morning hours, two bodegas located within close proximity of each other (100-block of Park Avenue and 400-block of Market Street) were held up at gunpoint. 

In one of the robberies, suspects were able to take a large sum of money, while in the latter, they left empty-handed. 

Police said that there were no injuries to report in either of the armed robberies. 

According to officials, a third suspect, age 25, was also charged in the aforementioned robberies. He is currently in custody for a separate armed robbery.

All three suspects were charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery, along with weapon-related charges.