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Two 14-Year-Old Teens Arrested Following Fight Using Bleach at Hillside Middle School


Police took two Hillside girls into custody after a fight broke out Monday afternoon at the Walter O. Krumbiegel Middle School.

According to a preliminary statement released by authorities, officers responded to 145 Hillside Avenue Tuesday at around 3:30 p.m. for several reports of a fight at that location.

Units arriving at the scene immediately took two 14-year-old female students into custody after a physical altercation ensued between the pair.

Police say EMS treated one of the girls for non-life threatening injuries after the other teen threw bleach on her during the altercation.

Authorities are investigating whether the bleach substance used in the attack was provided to the teen as a weapon by the girl's mother.

Officials say Hillside Police detectives are investigating the incident and charges will be forthcoming.

Police officers quelled other fights that broke out during the incident.

Police could not substantiate multiple online rumors that knives and other weapons were used during the fight in their initial investigation which remains active and ongoing.