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Tuckerton Police Officer Acquitted of Official Misconduct Charges

Tuckerton Barnegat Township

A judge acquitted Tuckerton officer Justin Cherry who was charged after releasing his police dog on a stopped motorist.

According to reports, in 2014, Justin Cherry set loose the dog onto a Barnegat woman, 57. Officials said she was resisting arrest after he stopped her for driving without a license.

Reports state that prosecutors claimed that after the woman was in custody, Cherry dispensed the dog. However, Cherry's defense argued whether she was in custody at any point and asserted that the dog didn't attack her.

When testifying, the woman declared that officers injured her when pulling her from the car, officials say. The woman has also filed a pending lawsuit targeting Barnegat and Tuckerton police, including Cherry.

The judge in Cherry's case found the prosecution had not proved that Cherry had perpetrated an unauthorized attack with the intention to harm a woman.