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Troopers Seize 33 Pounds of 'Hydro' Marijuana at Turnpike Service Area in Woodbridge

By kcora on
Woodbridge Township New Jersey

New Jersey State Police Detectives conducting a security detail at the Thomas Edison Service Area arrested a Philadelphia man who was transporting 33 pounds of hydroponic marijuana worth approximately $198,000 and seized his VW GTI. 

Detectives in the parking lot approached David Cederberg, 28, who was seated in his black Volkswagen GTI at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, July 13. 

While speaking with him, they smelled the odor of raw marijuana and impounded the car to apply for a search warrant. Cederberg was released at the time. 

The warrant was approved and executed on Tuesday, July 14th, at Newark State Police Station on the Turnpike. 

The search revealed two large bags with the “hydro” stored in the vehicle, and a personal amount of marijuana in the driver’s compartment.

A warrant was issued for Cederberg on Tuesday charging him with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute (over 25 pounds), and related possession charges. 

The warrant came with $250,000 full cash bail, and Cederberg surrendered to troopers on Thursday, July 16 at Newark Station. Later Thursday, he was placed in Middlesex County jail in default of bail. 

The case will be prosecuted by the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office. 

Detectives will also apply for forfeiture of the GTI through the prosecutor’s office.