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Trespasser Killed by Amtrak Train in New Brunswick

By rlsmetro on
New Brunswick

Amtrak officials are looking into a train strike that killed a pedestrian on the tracks in New Brunswick. 

Officials said at approximately 8:53 p.m., yesterday,  an unidentified individual was trespassing in New Brunswick and came into contact with Amtrak Northeast Regional train 138, traveling from Washington, D.C. to New York. 

As a result, officials said the pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. 

There were no reported injuries to the approximately 292 passengers on board or crew members, according to officials. 

The Amtrak Police Department has been working with local law enforcement to investigate. Amtrak officials said this incident is a critical reminder to the public about the importance of exercising caution around railroad tracks and crossings.

Amtrak continues to work closely with Operation Lifesaver (OLI) to communicate the dangers of inattentiveness at rail grade crossings and along the railroad right-of-way.

Each year, approximately 2,000 people are killed or injured in grade crossings and trespassing incidents nationwide.